Composting Sink

The Composting Sink is similar to a garbage disposal, but instead of sending everything off to the sewer systems. It captures dry waste and gray water to be used at home to reduce the growing stress on the COS infrastructure in cities.

This helps save water and the climate in a few different ways. By removing dry waste and capturing gray-water we:
Increases the carrying capacity of existing cities sewer systems by diverting water that isn't at its end of life.
Reduce the around of energy needed by the wastewater sector and its pumping stations (in the US this accounts for 16% of the yearly energy needs).
Builds resiliency during water grid failures through decentralized purification systems.
Supports existing methods for climate emission reduction like promoting localized urban farming through the captured compost.

Although the current form was scoped for a single-family home with a garden to be used as the compost usage source there is an interesting alternative using the same concept but applied to urban gardens. Where an entire apartment building could contribute waste to the community or urban farms.

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